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What techniques are used?



Deep tissue/sports massage therapy

Some people feel they need their muscles worked on deeply. This can be very effective for certain pains and is used often in clinic. Shane uses deep tissue and sports massage principles as part of his chiropractic massage technique. 


Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are painful taut bands of muscle that can refer pain elsewhere in the body when pressed. Massage can help to ease these trigger points when done correctly. Shane uses these principles as part of his chiropractic massage technique. 

Medical Acupuncture (Dry needling)

Medical acupuncture is a westernised version of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is used to help reduce pain and inflammation by inserting sterile needles into "trigger points" in the muscle. Shane is trained in this technique and uses it regularly with a wide variety of complaints. He will often use it alongside some massage or manipulation techniques if the patient wishes to receive it. 

Book a £29 Consultation
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What is chiropractic massage?

It is a collection of different techniques combined together to help specifically with spinal complaints 

Do you do just massage?

If you wanted only massage as part of a hands on technique- then yes! If you wanted massage combined with other techniques then that will be offered but some patients prefer only massage for hands on techniques. 

Do you help with other non-spinal complaints?

Shane is a spinal specialist so tends to only see back, neck and hip complaints. If you have another complaint- give Shane a call directly and discuss your complaint to see if he can help. 


How long do treatments last?

Treatments range between 15-30 minutes. 

How much does treatment cost?

Consultation is £29. First treatment is an additional £47. Follow up sessions are £37


Why are you more expensive than a massage therapist?


The small additional cost pays for the additional expertise in diagnosis and examination. You will have specific treatment that can be supplemented with other techniques, if necessary. It took Shane 5 years of study to become a Chiropractor and many more years additional to that in Continuous Professional Development. You can trust that when you see Shane, you will be receiving a very high standard of care. 

Book a £29 Consultation
Conditions treated
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