Neck and Back "Sprains and Strains" (muscular and joint)

It is very common to "pull" your back or neck for time to time. This may be due to over exertion of some sort, or it may appear out of the blue without warning. This is a very common complaint that responds well to treatment. 


Sciatica is categorised as pain (or a change of sensation) down one or both legs. It may appear with or without lower back pain. It is important to receive the correct diagnosis as there are many things that may be causing your sciatica nerve pain. Once diagnosed, you will be offered a variety of treatment options that are likely to help. More info...

Disc Injuries

Less than 5% of spinal pain is due to disc injuries. A disc injury can however be extremely painful and debilitating. Chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation can help to speed the recovery time. 

Neck and Back Stiffness

Every day stresses and strains can accumulate on the body and cause an increasing amount of stiffness. This can be debilitating for some and can lead to things like difficulty turning you head when driving or putting socks on in the morning. Spinal stiffness responds very well to chiropractic care. 

Long term/Chronic Neck and Back Pain

For some people, pain can become a part of every day life over a long period of time. Persistent pain is unfortunately very common and requires a very thorough approach combining hands on techniques and lifestyle advice.

"Wear and tear" or Age Related Neck and Back Pain (osteoarthritis) 

As we get older, our bodies can start to age and we can become more prone to spinal pain and stiffness. This type of complaint responds very well to chiropractic care. 

Inflammatory neck and back pain (Ankylosing spondylitis etc)

There are a few autoimmune conditions that can cause inflammation in the spine. This type of complaint responds well to chiropractic care (as well as appropriate medication and/or lifestyle or dietary changes). 

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