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The Comprehensive Recovery Package

Are you suffering with pain?

Is it impacting your life? Are you struggling to cope with life's demands? 

Is pain now starting to impact your mood? Is it affecting your relationships? 

Have you tried other treatments that haven't worked? Or maybe you have tried to manage it on your own and now you don't know where to turn? 

Do you want the best results in the short, medium AND long term?


Are you willing to use a PROACTIVE approach to manage your pain?


Do you want to feel EMPOWERED to be able to manage your pain WITHOUT having to rely on passive forms of treatment to keep you going?


Then the comprehensive recovery package may be for you!


You can expect the following:


  • A clear diagnosis

  • A comprehensive report on your relevant findings

  • A letter to your GP or other professionals to "keep them in the loop" or to request their assistance in your recovery (requesting a medication review, further investigations etc)

  • A thorough self-management plan with advice on what you can do to help yourself including; activity advice, exercise prescription, lifestyle advice, emotional health advice, social support, signposting to helpful services etc

  • A 1.5 hour 1:1 mobility and movement screen session with follow-up rehabilitation plan

  • Two chiropractic treatments to supplement your recovery plan (can include joint manipulation, massage, acupuncture)


You will then have the option to continue care under further support and supervision which may include:


  • Further 1:1 Rehabilitation

  • Follow-up treatments




This option of care requires your active participation. If you wish to have hands on treatment as the main component of your care then please book the alternative services on this site. 


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