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1. Initial Consultation and Examination- £29

Once a suitable day and time has been arranged for you, you will attend the clinic to be assessed by Shane Derbyshire.

Shane will ask you about the history of your complaint and your current symptoms. He will then continue with a physical examination to assess your neurology, movement and joint/muscular presentation.

A diagnosis will be established and a mutual decision will be made between yourself and Shane on whether to continue with further management. If it is decided to not continue, then advice will be prescribed or a referral to more relevant services will be made

2. Rehab/exercise & Plan £79

Before any hands on treatment is started, you are given a comprehensive rehab programme tailored to your specific needs. 

Shane obtains great results with his clients by using an "active first" approach where hands on treatment begins once you have started your rehabilitation.

You will spend an hour in a warm and friendly gym/rehab space with 


Shane, where he will combine the information gathered from your first appointment, with your physical abilities in this appointment to create a manageable and therapeutic rehab/exercise programme. 

If you are not a member of a gym, you have the option to have access to this gym for the duration of your rehab.

3. Hands on treatment £39-49

Once you have started your rehabilitation. You will be given the option to have supplementary hands on care. 

This lasts from 20-60 minutes and will Shane will utilise what ever manual therapy technique is relevant for your complaint. 


A minimum of 2-3 treatments is usually offered in order to give

you the best possible chances of effective and sustainable recovery 

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